Our vision

ITCorner is a unique, Lower Silesian cluster that is uniting entities involved in acting to promote a broadly defined, local market of new technologies. Established in 2013, it constitutes an efficient communication channel among the companies from Small to Medium-Sized IT enterprises sector.

ITCorner persistently enhances constant activation of the local IT community. We are building an environment, where everyone can share their experiences and ideas. What is more, we proclaim an open door policy, willing to implement the mutual ideas and build successful collaborations.

And all of this as part of a reliable business partnership that the ITCorner fellowship provides.

5 steps leading to success:

  1. We firmly believe in passion, synergy and a can-do attitude.
  2. Instead of struggling to survive, we join forces to be flexible enough to handle virtually every IT challenge.
  3. We treat our life as an open book. We are actvely writing our next chapters. We learn from one another and share our knowledge.
  4. We believe that the glass is always half full. We prefer to look ahead instead of looking back. We love finding abundance where some see only limits.
  5. Frankly speaking….. We are jobless. We treat our jobs as a passion, so we can be considered as permanently unemployed.

How do we work?

ITCorner consistently implements and develops future-oriented projects supporting local IT community in the areas such as:


  • Bringing professionalism, synergy and innovation into the Wrocław Small and Medium-Sized IT sector
  • Creating a positive image and building the prestige of Wrocław SMITS
  • Building a common brand
  • Promotional activities for the association
  • Promoting and supporting the idea of building an IT cluster of companies in Wrocław

Creative solutions

  • Encouraging creativity in finding sofware solutions
  • Encouraging initiatives and facilitating the development of the new software solutions
  • Promoting cooperation as well as sharing experiences and ideas


  • Cooperation with self-government units aimed at developing and promoting the sector of SMITES


  • Supporting the business activity of the association members by organizing and taking part in training and educational projects


  • Protecting the interests of the association members
  • Mutual help in legal, organizational, economic and tax-related problems connected with conducting business activity

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