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Stowarzyszenie ITCorner

ul. Strzegomska 138
54-429 Wrocław

call us: +48 506 318 684


Przemysław Skrzek prezes zarządu
Marta Fudali członek zarządu
Piotr Stawiński członek zarządu
Kontakt dla mediów Jakub Jarosz jakub.jarosz@itcorner.org.pl 881 248 111
Kontakt dla partnerów międzynarodowych Justyna Helm justyna.helm@itcorner.org.pl

Jak dołączyć do ITCorner

  1. Find out what we do

    View our website, visit the member firms websites, get to know us better…. If you decide that ITCorner is the right place for you, don’t hesitate to contact us!

  2. Let us get to know you

    If there is a member of our fellowship among your friends, you can use their recommendations. If not, submit using the above application form. Write what your area of interest and the reason you would like to work with us.

  3. Present yourself

    The next step is the meeting during which you will have ten minutes to introduce yourself and your business. It’s a huge opportunity to show what you can do. Good luck.