About ITCorner

ITCorner is an association of technology companies from all over Poland. The cluster was established in 2012 in the capital of Lower Silesia, Wrocław. Most of the businesses that make up our cluster also come from this city, which is one of the largest IT centers in our country.

As a platform, ITCorner offers communication, exchange of experience, and cooperation between IT companies. In addition, it participates in and supports local technology communities and cooperates with representatives of cities and universities, as well as other organizations and likeminded clusters. In other words, ITCorner co-creates and supports local IT ecosystems and takes part in building hubs of innovation.

More specifically, ITCorner is a platform for the exchange of knowledge and experience on topics related to both business and modern technologies.

Our goals


To promote and support the development of companies associated in the organization.

We strongly believe that by building trust, exchange of experience, joint initiatives, and networking, we help to develop our members' businesses.

Initiatives: managerial meetings, business breakfasts, joint projects, trade missions and the promotion of the IT industry.


To provide access to expert knowledge and to help in developing competences.

We believe that only constant development, the acquisition of new skills and an exchange of knowledge between IT companies management leads to success, alongside the growth of the innovative businesses involved.

Initiatives: training, hackathons, tech meetups, webinars, and conferences. Cooperation with universities and the scientific community.


To create wide space for interesting solutions and initiatives.

We strongly believe that participating together in interesting events allows us to get to know each other better, build mutual trust and develop our interests. We want ITCorner to be a place to implement such ideas.

Initiatives: ITCorner Yachting Trip, mountain trips, MotoCornR (motorcycle trips), picnics and other fun activities.


To have an impact on our social and business environment.

We are convinced that, together, we can better represent the IT industry, both at the local and national level.

Initiatives: We cooperate with the city authorities, provide an expert representation of the environment in panels and boards, and participate in the creation of reports and industry studies.


To cooperate with organizations and institutions.

We focus on the cooperation and exchange of knowledge between organizations. This allows us to provide our members with broad access to valuable knowledge and co-organize interesting efforts.

Initiatives: joint events, help in the promotion of our partners' initiatives, participation in industry organizations, international meetings.

Our mission

We strive to provide constant support and help in the development of our members’ business, creating space for them to exchange knowledge and experience, as well as representing the IT industry locally and throughout Poland.

We aim to develop the ICT industry towards building hubs of innovation by actively supporting companies and communities, also in cooperation with other organizations.

We believe that, by bringing together people with similar backgrounds, values, and goals, we help them to develop and extend their knowledge. We aim to achieve a high level of synergy.

ITCorner in numbers

Companies from all over Poland within our cluster.


Leaders actively participating in our activities.


IT specialists employed in our companies.


Initiatives organized annually.


ITCorner is an organization of technology companies in which ownership plays a great role.

Therefore, top C-level managers participate in a member’s board of our cluster and run its communities. Their deep knowledge of the IT industry and companies’ management processes, alongside a broad understanding in the field of organizational culture, allows us to deliver high-quality solutions, as well as recognize the needs of companies associated in our cluster.

Members of the Board

Grzegorz Rudno-Rudziński - President of ITCorner

Grzegorz Rudno-Rudziński

President of ITCorner

Michał Zacher - Board Member

Michał Zacher

Board Member

Piotr Płóciennik - Board Member

Piotr Płóciennik

Board Member

Przemysław Skrzek - Board Member

Przemysław Skrzek

Board Member

Rafał Pisz - Board Member

Rafał Pisz

Board Member

Revision Committee

Aneta Wilczyńska, Attonery   - Committee member

Aneta Wilczyńska, Attonery

Committee member

Tomasz Szarek, Legal Counsel  -  Committee member

Tomasz Szarek, Legal Counsel

Committee member

Maciej Gawlik, Managing Partner  - Committee member

Maciej Gawlik, Managing Partner

Committee member


Katarzyna Wojdyła - Back office

Katarzyna Wojdyła

Back office

Jakub Jarosz - Cordinator, PR and Marketing

Jakub Jarosz

Cordinator, PR and Marketing

Michalina Mencel - PR & Marketing

Michalina Mencel

PR & Marketing

Grzegorz Motriuk - Community Manager

Grzegorz Motriuk

Community Manager

Areas of cooperation

Icon of IT-CORNER partnership

Membership and cooperation

We help and support cooperation between companies and their owners. We facilitate communication, acquiring knowledge in the field of management, law and technology.

Committees members:

Nikodem Krajewski
Jakub Kazek
Icon of IT-CORNER Leaders

Marketing and promotion

We promote the IT industry and support our members in marketing and PR activities. We arrange marketing group meetings, where we mutually increase our competence in the field of B2B marketing for IT companies.

Committees members:

Monika Garyantesiewicz
IT-CORNER Location, pin

Events and meetups

We integrate the IT community locally, as well as the wider national level. We create and organize professional and substantive meetings, including both internal events and those open to guests from outside the cluster. We educate and exchange knowledge about the IT industry and the most important technologies.

Committees members:

Łukasz Borzęcki
Daniel Urban
Zbigniew Wantuła
Icon of IT-CORNER Worldwide

Business cooperation (nationwide and international)

We work with organizations, clusters and industry associations from Poland and throughout Europe. Thanks to this, we can create additional value for our members, as well as help them in international cooperation.

Committees members:

Jakub Orczyk

Let’s meet in Poland

Where is ITCorner

How to become
a member?

Become a member


If you represent an software company, or a firm whose core competencies are associated with the field of ICT, ask two of our members for recommendations.




The presentation

Share your company’s “personal” story. Tell us who you are and what projects you love to work on. Don’t forget to introduce us to the team.




Voting and decision

After your presentation, our members will vote on your application. If you pass this step, will invite you to become a member of ITCorner.




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