Polish-German cooperation in the ICT industry

Writen by: ITCorner Team

Published on October 29, 2020



Due to the ongoing process of globalisation, more and more countries and organisations are a part of a network of mutual relations and interests. The COVID-19 crisis is a test for both Polish and foreign businesses, who had to introduce changes regarding team management (remote work), client relations (online meetings and implementations) or office space renting strategy (rotation work) in a very short time.

The ICT industry has already been testing many of these solutions, that is why it transitioned to hybrid client and staff operations rather quickly. It also discovered new opportunities opening up for international cooperation, and also changes in providing services to present clients. How did we use these opportunities?

Advantages of international cooperation

International business cooperation, especially in the era of the COVID crisis, is a chance for Polish companies to become more dynamic. Building relations with organisations and experts from other countries allows for knowledge and experience exchange, forging business relations based on trust which may lead to common projects and business deals. The opportunity for this was noticed by a Polish cluster of modern technologies made up of more than 90 companies from across the country – ITCorner Association.

Michał Zacher, an ITCorner board member responsible for international cooperation notes that “The COVID-19 pandemic is not only a risk, but also an opportunity for growth.” That is why in recent months ITCorner Association, owing to a grant from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and participation in “Public Diplomacy 2020 – New Dimension”, has been engaging in broadening the scope of business activity, looking for new opportunities through cooperating with international organisations, e.g. from Germany. The Association takes strong actions to promote Polish ICT industry on the international market. It concentrates on organising industry meetings, including webinars, during which apart from sharing their experiences, companies forge relations and exchange contacts, which often leads to future cooperation.

Michał Zacher, member of the board of ITCorner

Why is it worth cooperating with Germany?

As Marcin Kowalski, ITCorner project development coordinator explains, “Germany is a country with the biggest economic potential in Europe and the most innovative economy according to Bloomberg Innovation Index 2020. Partnership between Polish technology companies and businesses from the country is primarily a chance for launching new projects and making a technological leap, especially in the post-Covid era.”

Germany is our close neighbour and our relations, including those in the area of business, are tightly interconnected. Despite growing international competition, Poland is still viewed by German entrepreneurs as one of the most attractive investment locations in CEE. Certainly, Poland’s big strengths are its geographical location, developing internal market, and also access to EU grants and funds owing to EU membership.

Photo of Marcin Kowalski
Marcin Kowalski, coordinator of development projects at ITCorner

Cooperation with Germany is an opportunity for the Polish ICT industry

Polish technology companies have a lot to gain through international expansion. Germany, thanks to its advanced innovative economy and geographical proximity, is a good destination for expansion. International cooperation allows for the development of expert knowledge and company products and ensures the exchange of knowledge, while strong relations make common projects and business endeavours possible.


A public task co-financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland within the competition “Public Diplomacy 2020 – a new dimension”.

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