Wrocław technology companies. The co-operation of ITCorner with Finland and Germany

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Published on September 22, 2020



An international project with partners from Germany and Finland is implemented by ITCorner, a cluster of technology companies established in Wrocław, and currently operating all over Poland. Its representatives emphasize that this is an opportunity for the development of the entire Wrocław IT environment.

ITCorner operating in Wrocław received a grant from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and started an international project with partners from Germany and Finland.

Thanks to it, in times of great uncertainty in the IT industry related to the COVID-19 pandemic, Polish companies will be able to develop business cooperation on a European scale. These activities are a continuation of the development strategy of Wrocław IT branch adopted by ITCorner a year ago – says Grzegorz Rudno-Rudziński, the President of ITCorner.

The most important is the support of member companies

ITCorner representatives stress that the coronavirus pandemic has saved nearly no branch, including IT. – Many projects slowed down or were suddenly interrupted, some companies were forced to downsize employment. Therefore, at this particular time ITCorner organization has decided to focus on the support of its members in terms of marketing and sales and make it easier for them to run and even grow their business – underlines the president of ITCorner.

Hence the initiatives aimed at international development, such as the project “A new dimension of promoting Poland and the technology branch”. Grzegorz Rudno-Rudziński points out that it is a step towards supporting the revival of the branch and the expansion of Wroclaw technology companies, especially from the innovative solutions sector. – The European Union is ready to invest heavily in new technologies, especially those that have a chance to improve the functioning of online businesses and their digitalization in times of “new normality”. The areas to be supported include e-commerce, IoT, big data, MedTech or VR/AR – he adds.

The promotion of Polish companies

Until the end of 2020, as part of the project “A new dimension of promoting Poland and the technology industry”, ITCorner and partners from Finland and Germany will implement a number of activities aimed at mutual promotion, knowledge exchange and strengthening business cooperation.
A promotion of Polish IT companies is also planned through a new information platform, webinars, advertising on the Internet, specialist expert articles or an extensive publication devoted to the successes of companies from the technology branch and the conditions for conducting business activity in Lower Silesia region.

ITCorner plans to acquire a number of partnerships that will allow to reach selected target groups with the initiative, especially German and Finnish companies that may be interested in business cooperation with Polish IT companies.

Grzegorz Rudno-Rudziński, the President of ITCorner

Co-operation with the very best: the reason for choosing Finland and Germany

Close cooperation is planned with two dynamically operating foreign organizations – SIBB from Germany and Turku Science Park from Finland, which have been supporting foreign expansion and developing the potential of innovative technology companies for many years.

Marcin Kowalski, project coordinator, explains the selection of partners as follows: – Germany is the country with the greatest economic potential in Europe and the most innovative economy according to Bloomberg Innovation Index 2020. Finland, on the other hand, is once again at the top of the EU DESI (the digital economy and society index) ranking. It is also famous for its highly developed ICT sector, which is the result of both internal mechanisms that drive innovation and global business relations. For Polish companies, partnership with these countries is, above all, an opportunity for a technological leap in the post-Covid era,” he underlines.

Benefits from the project

ITCorner hopes to deepen its foreign cooperation and to establish new business contacts between the member companies of the association and companies from Finland and Germany.
For our members, these meetings mean a great opportunity to acquire know-how from companies creating innovations on a global level and to join consortia implementing projects on an international scale – notes Jakub Jarosz, responsible for international cooperation networking project, who adds: – It is also important to stimulate the development of the entire Wrocław IT environment, as well as shaping a positive image of Poland and its strong economic position in the international arena.

Photo of Marcin Kowalski
Photo of Jakub Jarosz
Marcin Kowalski, project coordinator and Jakub Jarosz, responsible for international cooperation

IT branch in Wrocław: success, growth and transformation

As results from the report jointly prepared in 2019 r. by Agency for the Development of Wrocław Agglomeration and the cluster of innovative companies ITCorner – 95 per cent of Wrocław IT companies have ambitious development plans, and 84 want to increase their team count. The greatest challenge for employers is to acquire experienced and highly specialized experts.

ITCorner- a strategic partner of Wrocław

ITCorner is a cluster of proprietary technology companies established in Wroclaw – and recently operating all over Poland. It brings together over 80 companies. The association has been operating continuously since 2012. It is committed to creating a favourable environment for knowledge exchange and it strives for competitive business conditions for the IT branch. For over 8 years it has been developing expert competence among the management of associated companies. ITCorner is also a strategic partner of the city and it supports the development of Wrocław IT.


A public task co-financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland within the competition “Public Diplomacy 2020 – a new dimension”.

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