Our companies in the Clutch ranking

Clutch is one of the largest platforms where companies from the IT and services sector can be evaluated. It is distinguished by the way in which references are verified – each one is checked via phone or LinkedIn and only after this confirmation the entry on their website can be accepted.

Recently, a list of the 500 best-ranked companies from Poland and Ukraine in the Leading B2B Service Providers category has been published.

It shows that as many as 23% from the 250 listed businesses located in our country can be found… exactly, in Wrocław. It is also worth mentioning that within the group of the first 20 leading companies, 4 come from the Lower Silesian capital, of which 2, Droids On Roids and the Grupa Unity are our cluster’s members.

It is also worth mentioning that altogether 11 brands listed in the survey are ITCorner representatives.

Congratulations to:
Accesto,AVRA, Droids On Roids, Grupa Unity, Ikona Sp. z o.o., Inteca, Lama Media, Ratio Web, Tooploox, Visual71, Vm.pl Software House sp. z o.o.

18 years of business activities by Sente!

At the turn of June and July, one of our members will celebrate the eighteen-year anniversary of its market activity. Sente is an important element of the association structure, participating in the majority of cluster initiatives. Daniel Urban, CEO of Sente Systemy Informatyczne is also a member of the ITCorner Management Board. Congratulations!

Press release

Ewa Kaucz, the President of the Wrocław Agglomeration Development Agency on the Wrocław’s IT market:

“- First of all, we have a great technological traditions, because in Poland in the 1960s the Polish computer Odra was created, and by the mid-1990s advanced equipment was produced by Elwro Electronic Works.  Secondly, Wroclaw is a city with a strong academic background – we have almost 9,000 IT students and over 8,000 students of fields related to it. Thirdly, there are over 200 IT companies operating in the city, employing over 25,000 people.”

Source: http://www.rp.pl, 03/06/2018, article by Katarzyna Kucharczyk, link.

ITCorner Tech Meetup, May edition

On May 8th, in the Wędrówki pub this year’s second ITCorner Tech Meetup took place. We continue the convention of technological meetings open to guests from outside the cluster. The May event concerned public speeches and the difficult art of writing specialized blog content.


Meetup started with Michał’s Gellert – “While eating cheesecake I earned $300  –  online courses as an alternative income for a programmer.”

Next pitch was delivered from Kasia Marchocka and Piotr Grosicki from AVRA. They talked about the psychology of public speaking.  At the end, Mariusz Gil shared his many years of experience with us.

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How may I contact you with regards to matters concerning personal data?
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