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Our initiatives

Our vision

ITCorner is a unique, Lower Silesian cluster of companies involved in activities geared towards the development of the broadly understood local new technology market. Established in 2012, it creates an effective communication platform between companies from the SME sector, where they can use their joint potential to implement innovative, and often very ambitious, IT projects. We persistently work for the sustained activation of the local IT community. We create an environment in which everyone can share experiences and ideas.

What's more, we create the opportunity to undertake real, effective cooperation in order to implement these And all this as part of the reliable business partnership provided by the ITCorner association.

Our goals


We believe in passion, synergy and the principle that "Nothing is impossible!".


We do not fight for survival, but we combine our strengths and consistently overcome all challenges.


We see life as an open book - every day we actively write its subsequent chapters. We share our knowledge and teach each other.


We believe that the glass is always half full. We look forward instead of looking back - and we see opportunities where others see limitations.


And actually, we do not have jobs... because our work is our passion. And that changes a lot ...


How do we cooperate? ITCorner consistently implements and develops promising projects supporting the local IT community in such areas as:


Promoting professionalism, synergy, and innovation in the Wroclaw sector of small and medium-sized IT enterprises.

Creating a positive image of entrepreneurs from Wroclaw.

Creating a strong and recognizable common brand.

Promoting the Association itself.

Promotion and support for the idea of building clusters of IT companies in Wrocław.

Creative solutions

Supporting creativity in creating IT solutions.

Supporting development of initiatives in the field of new IT solutions.

Creating space for a constant exchange of experiences, ideals and ideas.


Cooperation with institutions and independent experts who work for the development and promotion of small and medium-sized enterprises.


Supporting the business activities of association members by enabling them to participate in training and educational projects.


Protecting the interests of association members.

Mutual assistance in legal, organizational, economic and tax issues related to running a business.

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