Let's meet in Wroclaw!

Let's meet in Wrocław!

Attractive location and well-developed infrastructure

Wrocław is located in the south-western part of Poland. A comfortable location and developed infrastructure provide the city, being the capital of the Lower Silesian Voivodship, with efficient and fast communication links to important places in Poland and abroad. Travelers have easy access to the airport, bus station, railway stations and directly to the motorway.

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People, potential and knowledge.

The academic potential of the capital of Lower Silesia is best demonstrated by the fact that there are over 30 higher education institutions that educate around 150,000 students located in the city. Among them are future engineers, professors, actors, doctors, lawyers, teachers and representatives of many, many other interesting and promising professions. What brings them together? Passion, ambition, curiosity of the world, knowledge, high qualifications, openness ... characteristics so distinctive for all people living in Wroclaw. Our city is a place full of positive initiatives that allow everyone to pursue their plans and develop their interests (museums, theaters, cinemas, monuments, unique events). Everyone will find something for themselves ...

Center for business and innovation

Our city is constantly developing alongside with its inhabitants and business. It is difficult to count all known corporations that have chosen Wrocław as their headquarters in Poland. What's more, new and innovative projects from Wrocław are still successfully being created, the best example of which are companies associated in our cluster. The proximity of the German and Czech borders favors the further development of local enterprises. Wroclaw also provides excellent opportunities for business: educated staff, office facilities, support of the authorities ...