Managerial meeting # 1 – Accelerating Sales in the Swiss Market

The first managerial meeting this year was led by Daniel Jordi, CEO at LeadersBridge. Daniel talked about the Swiss market from the entrepreneur’s perspective and how to build an effective network within it.

What are ITCorner managerial meetings?

ITCorner managerial meetings are a series of events that take place from the very beginning of our cluster’s operation. Every month we invite one guest who for two hours shares knowledge in the areas of IT company management, organizational culture, sales or employment. Depending on the scenario, we encourage you to ask questions during and after the lecture. At the meeting, we host on average several dozen owners and managers from IT companies from our cluster.

Spotkanie managerskie


Accelerating Sales in the Swiss Market – meeting # 1

In January 2020, our first guest was Daniel Jordi, CEO of the Swiss company LeadersBridge. Every day, Daniel deals with building a network for entrepreneurs and leaders in the new technologies industry. It connects companies seeking answers to specific problems with specialists who can provide appropriate, sometimes unconventional solutions. Daniel told us about the method he uses to organize and conduct meetings (Executive Roundtable framework). It turned out that one of the most important success factors is building the trust needed for an open exchange of knowledge and mutual understanding. This way of operating is surprisingly convergent with the approach we present in our association. You can find out more about our vision and goals in the tab: about the cluster.

LeadersBridge conducted over 40 meetings with professionals from the c-level, thanks to which it enabled generating contracts worth CHF 20 million.