WoW! ITCORNER – a Collaboration Between Human Partner and Antologic

Get to know the story of a business cooperation between two ITCORNER member companies: Human Partner, a member of the cluster since 2017, and Antologic, a member since 2015.

The fruit of this collaboration has been the development of an AI-based tool for Antologic. The solution is directed to the hospitality sector. Human Partner consultants helped Antologic obtain an EU grant and settle an R&D project this year, which enabled the company to develop a product innovation.

How did we support each other?

Antologic was looking for a cooperation partner who would help not only with preparing the application proposal but who would also deeply understand the specifics of the planned R&D work. Additionally, the company wanted to choose a firm with relevant consulting expertise and experience in implementing digital projects for software house companies. Human Partner hires or works on a permanent basis with subject matter experts in digital technologies (including AI, VR, AR, Cloud, and others). Similarly to Antalogic, the company is involved in the IT cluster – ITCORNER.

Prior to drafting the application, it was on Human Partner’s part to define the research problem precisely in the context of the competition’s requirements. On top of that, the consultants were responsible for finding an experienced research unit (a university) or other scientific institution that would undertake cooperation on this project. The role of Human Partner was also to agree on the detailed terms and scope of the R&D work. From experience, we know that the selection of a scientific institution is one of the most difficult stages of preparing an R&D project.

What our cooperation was about and how did it go?

Antologic was determined not only to prepare and submit an application for the RPO WD 2014-2020 competition but also to quickly settle the awarded grant in 2023. The preparation of the documentation also required the involvement of a technology subcontractor who collaborated with the research institution. The cooperation involved verifying and checking of all documentation (including technical documentation) and providing additional clarifications to the granting body. Antologic, after applying for the final payment, received reimbursement (refund) in less than 4 weeks and was able to start commercialization of the new technological solution on the market, targeting hotels and guesthouses.

Human Partner
Our two main specializations are training and business consulting. We are experts in creating dedicated and comprehensive development programs for employees and leaders (training, consulting) in a hybrid and digital format. By this, we support HR departments, creating also simulations based on VR technology and designing digital educational content. We help companies grow by providing them with comprehensive consulting services in the field of obtaining grants for business development and transformation.

Antologic, a company from Wrocław, has been offering Java-based IT products since 2007. The projects we engage in and their requirements enable the continuous and stable development of the company in Poland and EU countries, both in terms of competencies and portfolio as well as the workforce. Currently, the company hires nearly 70 perm employees, mostly software developers specializing in Java, SAP Hybris, and Adobe Experience Manager. A significant direction of company’s development is to create solutions for the hospitality industry, where not only digitalization of customer service is desirable but also business optimization.

The company began to build its market advantage by creating a special system based on AI algorithms. That required obtaining EU funds to carry out research and development work, as well as establishing cooperation with a scientific institution to conduct specialized research and testing.