EMYS delivers the first expressive animatronic robot designed by social robotics experts and educators to have mindful and educative interactions with kids, perfectly blending digital and physical play.  EMYS is the most advanced teaching robot of its kind in the world, allowing children aged 3-9 to learn English in a way which looks and feels like play. He can give instructions with a perfect British accent, express emotions, react to touch, maintain eye contact, and praise children for making progress. He is not only the perfect teacher but also a wonderful entertainer and a best buddy thanks to the human behaviours he exhibits, such as getting emotional, sneezing, becoming bored, etc. He appeals to all of children’s senses and allows them to learn while doing what they like most – jumping, singing and running around like they would on a playground, keeping them engaged for much longer than any other solution on the market.

The robot comes with a set of flashcards representing various words and expressions which include the most popular vocabulary – animals, fruit, vegetables, etc. The teacher can choose which vocabulary the robot will use based on their lesson plan. The teacher then has access to many fun games and activities to play with the children. The main channel of communication are special RFID chips embedded in the flashcards, which allow the robot to recognize which card a child is touching to his screen.


Core services

Hardware Development
Software Development


Industry focus

  • EdTech
  • Hardware


  • C
  • C++
  • OpenCV
  • CAD


  • English
  • Chinese

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