Ignited S.A. – an IT S.W.A.T. team for hire. We provide IT services for small, medium, and large enterprises. Our portfolio includes customers from Poland, Great Britain, and Switzerland. We specialize in data analysis and creating artificial intelligence-powered software. We are a team of senior-level machine learning engineers, programmers, project managers as well as software architects, and business analysts.

At Ignited S.A. we develop key and most desirable competencies in the modern IT industry:

  • Data processing and analysis
  • Software development
  • Building predictive and classification models
  • Data visualization
  • Creating conversational interfaces
  • Prototyping and implementing text and voice assistants (so-called chatbots)
  • Creation of original natural language processing algorithms (including for the Polish language)Development of software supported by elements of artificial intelligence
  • Designing custom user interfaces

Project examples:

  • End-to-end solution for managing key areas of a company dealing in the sale of used books (England)
  • Construction of a Chat-Bot solution for one of the London City Halls
  • Building a Chat-Bot solution for one of the Polish shipping companies
  • Building a solution monitoring the market of structured banking products for one of the Swiss consulting companies
  • Building a natural language analysis system (Polish) for law and debt collection offices
  • Natural language analysis in correspondence with patients for a network of medical laboratories (Poland)

The other projects are described in short at https://ignited.ai/case-studies/


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