Kopalnia Biznesu



Kopalnia Biznesu is a company dedicated to developing and supporting Project
Managers, Product Owners, and Scrum Masters. We offer custom 3-month training
programs, organize Mastermind groups, and create additional training tailored to the
current market needs. We are a community of practitioners to support career growth
and help individuals, whether they are beginners or experienced professionals,
expand their skills.
Kopalnia Biznesu assists both job seekers and organizations in search of the right
specialists. Our trainers and mentors help others to grow, gain perspective, and
deepen knowledge. Connecting exceptional trainers and mentors with our
participants and alumni, both online and offline at events like Piwo Między
Projektami (Beer Between Projects).
We are passionate about fostering excellence in project management, product
ownership, and Scrum mastery. Our mission is to empower professionals to achieve
their career goals and to facilitate the growth of businesses through expert training
and mentorship. Join our vibrant community and embark on a journey of continuous
learning and professional development.


Core services

Consulting for Founders, Managers and HR
Individual and Team Coaching
Recruitment Services
Training Course
Consulting Services

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