5 grudnia, 2019

Wrocław IT Sector – the Report

On October 15th, the premiere of the report on the Wrocław IT sector took place. It was co-created in cooperation with ARAW. This is one of the most comprehensive market research to date, and the research group consisted of representatives of companies from the SME sector, branches of international corporations, as well as Wroclaw startups.

We researched 120 IT companies (owners and management staff) from Wrocław and conducted in-depth interviews with 15 c-level IT representatives. We asked them about the most important issues related to running an IT business in Wroclaw and about plans for the future, especially those related to innovation and development.

As Grzegorz Rudno-Rudzińskiin the introduction to the report emphasizes: „The report is a valuable source of knowledge for the Wrocław authorities because it is not only a diagnosis of the local IT industry but also a forecast for its development. Therefore, it can help them lead the local ecosystem to innovation. In turn, for potential investors and clients it can be a clue: what are the strengths of the Wrocław IT market, what challenges must it face and how will the local industry be shaped in the coming years.

The report was a contribution to the discussion about the future of the IT industry in our city, which took place during the panel at this year’s Made in Wrocław (October 17th, 2019) conference. At ITCorner, we discussed the conclusions of the publication at the annual meeting summarizing the year 2019. During the two-hour discussion led by those responsible for the project Grzegorz Rudno-Rudziński and Jakub Jarosz, there were many important insights and ideas regarding the current situation in our industry. The conclusions regarding the SME environment, especially the evolution of the business model are:

  • Building competences in the field of global business
  • A modern approach to sales and marketing
  • Comprehensive customer service
  • Strengthening cooperation with other IT companies and the local ecosystem
The report in Polish and English is available at the following links:
Polish version: http://bit.ly/ITCRaportPL
English version: http://bit.ly/ITCRaportENG