Our offer
Everything we do is for the development of our members, as well as their companies and the IT industry community.
Members Driven
We give you a space where you can put your project into realization and share knowledge with other leaders. Here, you can implement new ideas together with other entrepreneurs and develop ITCORNER together with them.
Our Team
Community Partners
We are open to building value together, therefore we are happy to support or co-create new ventures with our partners.
Special Offers
We invite partners who offer their products and services at a special price for the ITCORNER Members to cooperate with us.
An internal Slack channel for fast, everyday communication between the Members. Here, you’ll get support in addressing challenges and find out what is happening in the organization.
Together we create valuable knowledge base content, we check what is going on in our industry, and we comment on it. We perform analysis and create our own surveys.
Business Networking and Cooperation
We connect our Members in projects. We build business projects together and take care of a synergy effect in the organization. We complement each other’s competencies.
Our Companies
High-value offer among trusted Members you know, have a relationship with within the organization, and with whom you share the same code of values.
CEO Development
We make sure that you grow as a leader and that your company grows as well. Only here you can access knowledge that other owners and entrepreneurs have, here you can benefit from the lessons learned by other CEOs and exchange experiences with them.
Managers Development
Your managers can learn from the best in the industry and grow in your company thanks to the opportunity to talk to the experts.
Relationships Building
We approach relationships differently - we make sure everyone knows each other, we actively participate in events, we care about the quality of our meetings, and we care about personal development.
Public Advokacy
We speak out whenever important changes are taking place or where the interests of Polish entrepreneurs need to be defended.