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ITCORNER Mountain Challenge

In reaching the summits, it’s about the road. Both ways.

True leadership is not only about overcoming one’s limitations, but also about knowing how to build trust and partnerships in the most extreme situations. 

This is why ITCORNER MOUNTAIN CHALLENGE is more than just an adventure – we strengthen relationships, build trust and cooperate by climbing up the peaks.

What is important?

We enjoy the challenges that majestic peaks pose for us. It’s there, in the wild, where often we find harmony and discover our limits. 


High mountain expeditions are not spontaneous hikes, that’s why we plan them thoroughly.  Mountain climbing is a task requiring not only physical fitness but also adequate knowledge, skills, and risk awareness.

Among us, there are many experienced participants who prepare routes and plan each stage. This is key for safety and success of every expedition. 

Each mountain expedition is a valuable time to break away from the everyday hustle, technology, and fast pace of life. 

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Expedition stories
Gerlach 2023
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Gerlach 2022
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Krzysztof Ryk | COO | Antologic
ITCORNER is the only organization I know of where relationships are crucial and where members have tremendous opportunities and autonomy. Together we build a creative space where we can share observations and solve problems in complete trust. This experience has taught me more than any book or course. Drawing knowledge from people who have already passed a given stage is priceless.
Piotr Wilczek I CEO | Medical Algorithms
ITCORNER is an organization where relationships come first. Mutual exchange of information and sharing of experiences is something of the greatest value. It is a space for creative people who look for new solutions. It's a place where we inspire and support each other. It's a large portion of substantive knowledge that I wouldn't find in books or courses. All this makes ITCORNER a unique organization.