Integration – Cooperation – Synergy

We are a cluster of software companies from Poland! We are developing an ecosystem where we strongly focus on openness, cooperation, synergy, innovation and – above all – the people involved.

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Integration – Cooperation – Synergy ITCORNER

The ecosystem of technology companies

We are a cluster of tech companies, originally starting in Wrocław (Lower Silesia Voivodeship) in 2013. However, during 2020, we became a nationwide organization. For over seven years, our members have been exchanging knowledge and experience, regularly meeting at business events and cooperating in joint IT projects.

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When you cooperate with one of our members, you get easier access to an additional eighty companies, C-level professionals, specialists, advisors and teams of developers.

Team of experts

Our board of members and business group coordinators are a team of experienced professionals who work for our organization.


We closely cooperate with clusters from Poland, Germany and others EU countries. We have a close connection to city agencies (Wrocław), technological parks, universities and local tech communities.

Shaping the market

We actively promote and help in developing the Polish IT industry, starting from a single city up to a nationwide point of view. We’ve created an ecosystem that helps our members to grow and expand.


More than 80 companies!

We are an association of more than 80 tech companies from Poland. Aside from software houses, are members include digital agencies, law firms specialized in IT and brands concentrated on agile project management.

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Zend framework
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How to become
a member?

Become a member


If you represent an software company, or a firm whose core competencies are associated with the field of ICT, ask two of our members for recommendations.

The presentation

Share your company’s “personal” story. Tell us who you are and what projects you love to work on. Don’t forget to introduce us to the team.

Voting and decision

After your presentation, our members will vote on your application. If you pass this step, will invite you to become a member of ITCorner.


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Are you interested in how software houses cooperate? Find out more about collaboration between our members.

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They’re talking about us!

„Great people – energetic, kind, direct. But the most important thing is the inspiration we share. Nothing has expanded my intellectual horizons like the stories I’ve heard here. It’s hard for me to imagine my business growing so rapidly without ITCorner.”

Jakbub Czyżykowski

Jakub Czyżewski, Managing Partner


„I see the advantage of ITCorner in the exchange of knowledge and confrontation of ideas that I have with those of you who’ve already done similar things and in returning the favour. Our conversations have saved me from making some mistakes and learning from the errors I would have made otherwise.”

Photo of ITCorner President

Grzegorz Rudno-Rudziński, Managing Partner

Unity Group

„ITCorner is exchange of experience and the opportunity to put your own ideas to the test. Conversations show that we’re not the first to have certain problems and someone else has usually handled them already. In business terms, I’m most pleased with the possibilities for cooperation with others”

Łukasz Borzęcki

Łukasz Borzęcki, CEO