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Abiflow Sp. z o.o.
We are a software company specializing in creating custom software solutions tailored to the unique needs of businesses since 2007. Using AbiFlow, a proprietary Low-Code platform, we create and configure systems for managing processes, projects, tasks, cases, activities, and requests. Our solutions feature an extensive CRM module, time-tracking and reporting...
Active Strategy
A consulting & training company that was established in 2012 in Wrocław. Our mission is to increase satisfaction from work. We do that by development of employees, managers and the whole organisations. We support the organisations in planning development paths inside the company, development of managers and leaders and conducting inspiring...
ArdentCode builds high performing software. And high performing software teams. We are a true partner who seamlessly blends into our partner's business, bringing bespoke, reliable, and mature software engineering to help them face big challenges, improve efficiency, and scale smarter. As companies grow and scale their software development capabilities, many struggle to build and maintain stable, high performing teams....
Avra Sp. z o.o.
Team of engineers. Implementation successes in the areas of Middleware MuleESB, Java Backend, Test Automation, Hosting, and maintenance with SLA. We lead and execute complex projects; with our clients, we have been for over 10 years. We deliver flexibly, fast, and well.
Founded in 2009, Bitnoise has been empowering businesses globally by delivering cutting-edge software solutions. We specialise in implementing diverse projects and building dedicated teams tailored to our clients' unique needs.  At Bitnoise, we prioritise knowledge, experience, and communication over technology, ensuring our engineers provide top-notch services. Our expertise spans web and...
Experts in Web and Mobile App Development As experts in web and mobile app development, we live by our motto: 'software solutions for tomorrow'. Our focus is on creating innovative, future-ready applications. We manage every phase of the Software Development Life Cycle in-house — from business analysis to design, development, testing,...
BrainForge IT Software
At BrainForge IT, we are a group of software developers and IT strategists, united in our commitment to deliver superior software solutions designed to meet the specific needs of businesses and public institutions. Boasting a wealth of experience across a variety of sectors—including IoT, the sharing economy, e-commerce, retail, and insurance—we...
DataVenture - Brandly360 is a unique all-in-one solution on the digital shelf management market. It measures products' presence, visibility, pricing and promotional activities in online stores and is a product that enables the most effective positioning among the competitors. Our goal: to constantly provide clients wit the highest quality data...
Bright Coders’ Factory
Bright Coders' Factory is a software engineering services company that commenced operations in 2016. Currently, we are a trusted business partner for over 70 companies worldwide. We specialize in R&D for corporations, medium-sized companies, and startups.
Business Reporting Solutions
📊 Business Reporting Solutions empowers companies to use data to make better decisions, transforming them into real data-driven enterprises. 🔍 We help to identify, organize, and extract useful data that our clients possess and present it in a way that provides the best insight into what is happening in the business...
Core Logic
We are a company composed of 50 technical IT specialists. As a Software House, we mainly specialize in technologies such as Java (Backend), mobile application development (iOS, Android), and DevOps services (Kubernetes, clouds). We create solutions for the financial sector, banking, insurance, and leasing services - and also for the...
Deviniti has twenty years of IT experience, and we are known as one of the biggest Atlassian Platinum Solution Partners in Europe. As a part of our R&D operations, we provide custom AI applications that contain the top Flutter application in Poland. Our clients include Credit Agricole Bank Polska, Deloitte,...