We are
entrepreneurs active in IT
and supporting the IT sector
We connect entrepreneurs
At ITCORNER, we collaborate as well as inspire and support each other. Here, there is no place for "entrepreneurial loneliness."
We openly share our experiences to overcome business challenges together. Our community is not only about work. It is also a space for catching balance, good conversations, and shared passions.
Community of experience
We are a community of technology business owners. We openly share our experiences.
We know that together we can achieve more, and collaboration stimulates us to explore new opportunities.
We have complete trust in each other so that we can comfortably work and grow together.
We are an organization distinguished by being "member-driven" - we connect technology business owners and grow through them. ITCORNER Coordinators are practitioners, managers, and owners of technology companies who are involved in organizing events and special formats for ITCORNER members.
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Organizational culture
The existence of our organization is based on the values and principles we believe in. You can find all that is vital for us in the CultureBook.
Our Members
Our companies
We create an engaged community. The ITCORNER members share their knowledge and experiences. We like each other, we trust one another, and we want to work together.
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companies from all over Poland
leaders involved in our activities
5 000+
IT professionals employed by our companies
initiatives organized annually