1.1. Administrator – The administrator of personal data is Stowarzyszenie ITCorner (ITCorner Association) whose registered office is located in Wrocław, ul. Władysława Reymonta 13, 50-225 Wrocław, entered into the register of entrepreneurs and the register of associations, other social and professional organizations, foundations and independent public health care facilities kept by the District Court for Wrocław-Fabryczna in Wrocław VI Economic Department under KRS number (National Court Register) 0000459205, having NIP (Tax ID No.): 8943050085, REGON (Statistical ID No.): 022189888.


1.2. Personal Data – information about a natural person identified or identifiable by one or more specific factors determining physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural, or social identity, including device IP, internet ID, and information collected through cookies and other similar technology.


1.3. Policy – the present Privacy Policy.


1.4. GDPR – Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation)


1.5. Website –[.]


1.6. User – any natural person using the Website.


1.7. Cookies – small text files stored on the User’s device when using the Website and any other similar technologies used to collect information about the User’s activity on the Website. Cookies may come from the Administrator or from the Administrator’s trusted partners.


  1. Privacy Policy of the Website


  1. Processing of Personal Data related to the use of the Website


1.1 The Administrator collects data related to the User’s use of the Website to the extent necessary to provide each service offered. The use of some of its modules or functions is conditioned on the provision of the location data of the mobile device used to use the Website. Detailed rules and purposes for processing Personal Data collected during the User’s use of the Website are described below.


  1. Purpose and legal basis for processing Personal Data on the Website


  1. A) Using the Website


2.1. Personal Data of all users using the Website are processed by the Administrator:


2.1.1. for the purpose of providing services by electronic means in terms of providing Users with access to the Website content and for booking and purchasing tickets for events, registering for conferences, handling payments, and for contacting on matters related to the performance of the contract – in which case the legal basis for the processing is the processing’s necessity for the performance of the contract (Article 6.1.b GDPR) or the Administrator’s legally justified interest (Article 6.1.f), if the User is a person representing the counterparty, a contact person, or a person responsible for performing particular tasks on the contractor’s behalf.


2.1.2. for the purpose of establishing and asserting claims or defending against claims – the legal basis for processing is the legitimate interest of the Administrator (Article 6.1.f of GDPA), which is to protect the Administrator’s rights.


2.1.3. for the purpose of publishing photos from events – the legal basis for processing is the legitimate interest of the Administrator or, in cases provided by law, separately obtained consent. Consent may be withdrawn at any time without affecting the compliance of processing prior to its withdrawal.


  1. B) Contact form


2.2.1. The Administrator provides the possibility of being contacted by an electronic contact form. Using the form requires providing Personal Data necessary to contact the User and respond to the inquiry. The User may also provide other data to facilitate the contact or the handling of the inquiry. Providing data marked as mandatory is necessary in order to accept and process the inquiry, and failure to provide such data will result in the impossibility of inquiry processing. Providing other data is voluntary.


2.2.2. Personal data is processed for the purpose of identifying the sender and handling his/her inquiry sent through the provided contact form – the legal basis for processing is the processing’s necessity for the performance of the service contract (Article 6.1.b of GDPR); with regard to data provided on an optional basis, the legal basis for processing is consent (Article 6.1.a of the GDPR).


  1. C) Marketing and Newsletter


2.3.1. The User’s Personal Data may also be used by the Administrator to send marketing content to the User through various channels, i.e. via email, MMS/SMS. Such activities are undertaken by the Administrator only if the User has given his/her consent, which he/she may withdraw at any time.


2.3.2. Personal Data are processed: for the purpose of sending the requested commercial information – the legal basis for processing, including the use of profiling, is the legitimate interest of the Administrator (Article 6.1.f of GDPR) pursuant to the consent given; for analytical and statistical purposes – the legal basis for processing is the User’s consent (Article 6.1.a of GDPR) – consisting of conducting User activity analysis on the Website in order to improve the applied functionalities.


  1. Cookies


3.1. The Administrator uses necessary cookies for the Website. The purposes and rules regarding the use of cookies can be found in the Cookie Policy.


  1. Time Period for Personal Data Processing


4.1. The time period for data processing by the Administrator depends on the type of service provided and the purpose of processing. As a general rule, data are processed for the duration of the service, until the withdrawal of the consent given, or the submission of an effective objection to data processing in cases where the legal basis for data processing is the legitimate interest of the Administrator.


4.2. The data processing time period may be extended if the processing is necessary for the determination and pursuit of possible claims or defense against claims, and thereafter only if and to the extent required by law. After the expiration of the processing period, the data shall be irreversibly deleted or anonymized.


  1. User Rights


5.1. The User has the right to access the content of the data and to request rectification, deletion, restriction of processing, the right to data portability and to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority for the protection of Personal Data.


5.2. The User has also the right to object to data processing based on the legitimate interests of the Administrator.


5.3. For data that are processed on the basis of the consent given by the User, the User may withdraw his/her consent at any time by contacting the Administrator via


5.4. The User also has the right to file a complaint with the Personal Data Protection Office. 


  1. Personal Data Recipients


6.1. In relation to the provision of services, Personal Data may be disclosed to external entities, including, in particular, IT service providers allowing for the proper use of the Website.


6.2. The Administrator reserves the right to disclose selected information concerning the User to the competent authorities or third parties who submit a request for such information, based on the relevant legal basis and in accordance with the provisions of the applicable law.


  1. Transfer of Personal Data outside the EEA


7.1. The level of protection of Personal Data outside the European Economic Area (EEA) differs from that ensured by European law. For this reason, the Administrator will transfer Personal Data outside the EEA only when necessary and with an adequate level of protection, primarily by:


7.1.1. cooperation with Personal Data processors in countries for which a relevant decision of the European Commission has been issued regarding the assertion of an adequate level of protection of Personal Data;


7.1.2. use of standard contractual clauses issued by the European Commission;


7.1.3. application of binding corporate rules approved by the competent supervisory authority.


7.2. The Administrator shall always inform of its intention to transfer Personal Data outside the EEA at the stage of data collection.


7.3. Personal data may be transferred to Google LLC, Automattic Inc., Atlassian Inc., Slack Technologies Inc. and the Microsoft group, based on appropriate legal grounds, which are standard contractual clauses, approved by the European Commission, for the protection of Personal Data.


  1. Security of Personal Data


8.1. The Administrator shall conduct a risk analysis on an ongoing basis to ensure that the Personal Data are processed by the Administrator in a secure manner – ensuring, first and foremost, that only authorized persons have access to the Personal Data and only to the extent necessary for the tasks they perform. The Administrator ensures that all operations on Personal Data are recorded and performed only by authorized employees and associates.


8.2. The Administrator takes all necessary measures to ensure that its subcontractors and other cooperating entities also provide guarantees to apply appropriate security measures whenever they process Personal Data on behalf of the Administrator.


  1. Contact data


9.1. The User may contact the Administrator via the email address: 


  1. Changes to the Privacy Policy


10.1. The Policy is reviewed on an ongoing basis and updated as necessary.


10.2. The current version of the Policy has been approved and is effective as of 01.01.2024


  1. Cookies policy


The Website allows collecting information about the User through cookies and similar technologies, the use of which most often involves the installation of this tool on the User’s device (computer, smartphone, etc.). 


Cookies are IT data containing information automatically collected during a user’s visit to the website, including, among others, IP address, data on the browser used, URL of the page previously visited by the user (referer link), transmission information and reports on possible errors. These data are stored on the device through which the user browses the website content. Cookies are used to customize the website content to the preferences of website visitors, to generate statistics and analyze user behavior, and as auxiliary material for server administration. The Association uses tools from Google LLC, such as Google Analytics, to track activity and create statistics.  Cookies may be used by advertising networks, in particular the Google network, to display advertisements adjusted to the way the user uses the website. For this purpose, they may store information about the user’s navigation path or time spent on a particular page. Details on the scope and principles of data collection for this service can be found at the following link: The user can make changes to the settings for access and storage of cookies using the settings of the browser or the settings of the device through which he/she browses the content of the website.


  1. What are the Cookies used for on the Website?


1.1. The Administrator uses the Cookies to enable the User access to the Website.


  1. What types of Cookies are used on the Website?


2.1. The Cookies used on the Website fall into the following categories:



Necessary Cookies



These Cookies are installed to provide the User with access to the Website and its basic functionalities, and therefore they do not require the User’s consent. Without the necessary Cookies, the Administrator would not be able to provide Users with services on the Website.


  1. Are third-party Cookies used on the Website?


3.1. The Website does not use third-party Cookies.


  1. How long are the Cookies stored?


4.1. The Website uses session cookies. Below you will find more information about how long they are stored:



Session Cookies


Some Cookies are temporary files, stored until a User logs out, leave the Website or deactivate it. These types of Cookies help analyze traffic, enable identification and resolution of technical problems, and make it easier to navigate the Website.


  1. How do I change my cookie settings?


5.1. The Website uses a Consent Management Platform (“CMP”) to help Users manage their cookie preferences. The User can use the CMP to change his/her cookie settings. CMP allows to:


  • give and withdraw consent for the use of optional Cookies by the Administrator and Administrator’s partners;
  • change previously selected settings.


  1. Changes to the Cookie Policy


6.1. The Cookie Policy is reviewed on an ongoing basis and updated as necessary.


6.2. The current version of the Cookie Policy has been adopted and is effective as of 01.01.2024.